05th July 2018:

As you will be aware we are now entering the final round of the battle to Save Tetley Field.

The public consultation process will be held in July where we have to put our case to the enquiry inspectors regarding the Leeds Site Allocation Plan - the SAP.

This is the critical moment for us to explain why Tetley Field must remain in the green belt.

Whilst we will be putting forward a compelling case we will be up against the power and financial might of developers, the owners of Headingley and the council.

This means we have to use the professional advisors who have supported us to this point to ensure that the most compelling case is put across in an accurate and very specific manner.

Your fellow residents that make up the Save Tetley Field team are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we get best value from our advisors and that we prepare as much as possible - however we need to embark upon a final round of funding and we need your support.

We now know that:

  • The next and last public phase of the Inspector's Examination of LCC’s SAP will start on 9th July and our campaign team has been allotted 4 slots to attend and present on 10th, 17th, 18th July and 2nd Aug – we intend to accept all of these dates.
  • LCC have acknowledged that their housing numbers against which the Inspectors are examining are significantly too high.
  • Historic England, a statutory Consultee, continue to strongly object to any housing development on Tetley Field.
  • LCC have introduced a definition of “Broad Locations” and the unallocated Green Belt areas have all been defined as such – including Tetley Field.
  • The Inspectors appear to be probing this approach by LCC and questioning its validity.
  • There could be 3 possible outcomes after the Inspector’s Examination as we see it:
    • Tetley Field is taken out of Broad Locations and allocated for housing – the outcome which Leeds Rugby and their representatives are pursuing. We do not believe that LCC will support any Planning Application.
    • Tetley Field remains as a Broad Location and will be reviewed again after 2023 for possible housing allocation. This leaves us all in limbo.
    • Tetley Field reverts to Green Belt and is saved from development and given a level of protection – THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR.

Please, please dig deep and send us what ever amount that you can to ensure that we don’t lose this critical piece of our neighbourhood forever.

Please make donations as follows:

Weetwood projects
Account no 55027741
Sortcode 606005

Or cheques payable to Weetwood Projects can be sent to:

John Thorne
90 Weetwood Lane
LS16 5NX

We need as many residents of Leeds to object to this proposal as possible. The principle of protecting green belt land is critical to the future of our city, not just for this generation but for future generations of families throughout the city.

We need as many residents of Leeds as possible to write to the planning department so that the panel is clear about our views.

To develop on green belt developers must however demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’, the developer has not demonstrated this is the case and furthermore has no intention to provide any benefit to the residents of the area after the loss of the amenity. This is a purely commercial venture that has a permanent and irreparable impact with no consideration for the green belt of the city.


Why are we so passionate about this?

It’s easy to sit back and hope someone else will fight this battle. Local residents have already employed planning specialists to help support the strength of opinion locally to oppose this plan, which is out of character for this very special part of Leeds. Our campaign is not just about looking after one corner of the city, it’s about standing up for our community and protecting the parts of the city that are dear to us. This is not a fight that we have started, but it is a fight that is worth winning. If we can’t stand up for our neighbourhood who can?


How can you find out more?

Details of the application can be found by visiting: https://publicaccess.leeds.gov.uk/online-applications (reference 16/02583/OT).

What are the most important points to remember?

  • Write a letter of objection 
  • Ask your neighbours, work colleagues and friends to do the same – every single letter counts
  • This is green belt protected land
  • There are no improvements to local amenities in the plan, we will continue to put pressure on already overstretched services including our schools and stretched GP service
  • Remember this is our neighbourhood, we deserve our say
  • Send your objections with the reference 16/02583/OT by post to: Leeds Planning Services, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HO (and you must include your name and address) or online at https://publicaccess.leeds.gov.uk/online-applications 

Latest News

NOV 16 2016

Update 16th November 2016

As many of you are aware Leeds Rhinos made an announcement about the situation regarding their planning applications for Headingley, Tingley and the Tetley Field site at Weetwood.

The club have advised that due to complexities in the planning process they are not able to proceed at this time and are waiting for advice and on the outcome of the site allocation process before proceeding further.


JUL 12 2016

Local organisations support Tetley Field campaign

Not only have over 500 individuals objected to the Tetley Field planning application, but a number of local organisations and other important stakeholders have made representations against the application too. These include several residents associations, local and national bodies, the Leeds City Council Conservation Officer and local Councillors. 


JUL 06 2016

Please sign this petition today to show your support and save Tetley Field

We have set up a petition to try and gain as many signatures as possible. Please can you circulate this far and wide and sign up? Thank you.



JUL 05 2016


Over the weekend we have been made aware that Yorkshire County Cricket Club have made a statement to the press that they are starting work on the development of the football stand this is despite the fact that no planning permission has been granted...