JUL 05 2016

500 Objections to Tetley Field application!

Over 500 people submitted an Objection to the planning application to build houses on Tetley Field in advance of the advertised deadline. There were Objections not just from local residents but from people right across Leeds, concerned about inappropriate development on the Green Belt. Many of the comments were truly heartfelt, demonstrating just how much people care about this special place. There were also Objections from 3 local Councillors, Leeds Civic Trust, Historic England and the Conservation Officer. So many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to either write, email, or submit their comments online. Also, big thanks to our volunteer team that worked so tirelessly to encourage and help people to Object. A real community effort!

And don't forget, although the advertised deadline has now passed, it is still actually possible to make further Objections. So, do Object if you haven't already done so, using the guidance available on this site, and encourage others you know to do the same.